Project Integrity International Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy by AB Crane — A Review

piiProject Integrity International Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy by AB Crane

RaeleighReads rating: 3 out of 5 coffee cups

“WISR Creations
or global destruction
the decision is yours
will you close the windows
or open the doors?”

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The aim of this book is intriguing — perhaps the beginning of a new world order. At the very least, the beginning of a new world economy — one with a focus on sustainability and humanity. And because I personally would like to see such a thing come to fruition, I must be critical of this preliminary work on the subject.

Crane seeks to outline the intentions of Project Integrity International (PII) in a quasi-business proposal format. Because of this format, I was left constantly questioning how?

PII desires abundant and healthy food, access to education, and sustainable housing and transportation. In short, PII wants a better world for all, including the world itself, and Crane asserts throughout the book that PII will provide these things. What the work lacks is an explanation for how these wonderful things will be accomplished. For example, Crane says that PII will localize economies, reduce distribution expenditures, and discourage consumerism because PII will shift us away from a work-ethic based economy to a need-based economy. That sounds fantastic! I want that. But I am still unclear as to how it will happen. Unfortunately, the above summarizes my feeling throughout most of the book: all of this sounds great! Now, how are you going to make that happen?

The book is split into three main parts, and part three is the business section. The writing in part three is clearer than the writing in the first two sections. Here, we get some answers to my how questions (Thank goodness; I was starting to worry.) with a more detailed business plan. However, I would have liked to see more of a connection between the philosophy & science sections (the what) and the business section (the how). The other thing that bothered me throughout was WISR. What is that you ask? Good question. WISR is always presented in conjunction with “co-op franchises”. Okay; it’s the franchises, but what does WISR stand for? You’ve got me! Is it a play on the slogan presented in the conclusion: “Welcome to [a] WIS[e]R world”? Probably, but the letters are never defined. Perhaps that is not a large issue — not one to do with content anyway — but it was irksome, popping up like a speed bump in otherwise smooth prose (and I didn’t “get it” until the end). You really don’t want your readers to experience confusion; they will stop reading.

That said, if you are a self-starting business person who has lamented for years about the state of our economy, or if you would you like to “be the change you want to see in the world”, then check out AB Crane’s Project Integrity International. It may be the fit you’re looking for. I would recommend this to anyone interested in green living, sustainable business practices, and being a catalyst for change.

Some opinions you may find useful:

Overall, a good book. I also like the poem at the end.“– Marilda on Goodreads

Painting the true picture of the world we live in today and showing us the brutal truth, Project Integrity International tries to give us solutions and ideas of how a world would look like without the issues we are facing today.“– Ionela on Goodreads

Another opinion you may find helpful:

“This is a brilliant book. Not only does the author expose why so many of us feel alienated by today’s economic and social structures, but she also provides a detailed, comprehensive, and thoughtful blueprint for an alternative way of living and working, where the individual is valued, not minimized. Highly recommended! “– Bradley on Amazon



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