Confessions of a Bookworm — Feature Participation

Parajunkee is hosting a blog feature where you confess your crazy bookworm ways. What a great idea! Who doesn’t have those, right?

Oh…you aren’t a bookworm? Then why are you reading this? Turn back now…madness ensues.


Now, in all seriousness, bless me father, for I have bookwormed.

  • When packing for vacation I do the following:
    1. put one, sometimes two, paperbacks AND my e-reader in my carry-on,
    2. leave room in my suitcase for that moment when I inevitably purchase more books while on vacation, and/or
    3. put an extra bag in my suitcase for the purchase of additional reading material.

*Looks around furtively to see if anyone is judging her.*

  • I have lied about being sick so that I could stay home and read. I’m talking about skipping out on friend time for me and muh book time. That’s not so bad, is it? It’s not like I’m calling in sick to work or anything.

*Tilts head to the side. Grins sheepishly. Hopes her friends still love her.*

Now, for Parajunkee’s question:

“Which fiction character would be your enemy in real life? Which one would you absolutely not tolerate?”

Oh my gosh, that’s so hard. Um, every antagonist ever! Too broad? Okay, well if I absolutely must pick one, I will go with President Coriolanus Snow from The Hunger Games trilogy. That guy seriously irritates me. I find zero redeeming qualities in him, and the fact that his mouth is constantly bleeding is just gross AMIRIGHT.

Thank you for reading my confessions. I feel completely absolved, and will now continue on as if nothing happened.

What are you still doing here? Er, carry on!


Got any outlandish bookworm confessions? Hop on over to Parajunkees blog post and join in on the action.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookworm — Feature Participation

  1. I’m glad there is someone else out there that can fortell sickness 6 months to a year to the day. It’s an amazing ability! The uncanny thing is that it seems to always fall on a Tuesday. Weird.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right? I’m practically prescient. I still don’t understand why no one has bothered to shift book releases to Friday or Saturday. The historical release day reasons no longer really apply. Though I do appreciate indie authors who at least pick Thursday, it’s a small pleasant change.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I bookworm. But with my vision issues I don’t paperback any more. But I have been known to bring extra electronic devices, all the cords and power adapters, and a backup battery in my carry-on. TSA loves me :/ And I get sick an awful for work on Tuesdays. It is amazing how I can know 6 months in advance that I will be sick isn’t it.


    • Hahaha, Erin! TSA loves me too. I usually have my e-reader, my laptop, my cell (obviously), and all of the requisite cords.
      It is indeed amazing that you can know 6 months in advance when you will be sick. What foresight you have!

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