Coffee Shop Hop — Sunday Review Series #1

Having recently moved back to Fayetteville, I had no idea where to get the best cup ‘o joe. I had in my mind a quaint and quirky joint with just the right amount of espresso flavored air, indie art, and cushy chairs to sit in while enjoying a cup of coffee and some local flair. For me, where I consume my coffee goes hand-in-hand with where I do my reading and writing. And so, my hunt ensued.

My first stop?

Red Kite Coffee Company

Raeleighreads rating: 3 out of 5 coffee cups

This used to be the location of an Arsaga’s (locally owned and developed coffee shop), and I can tell they haven’t done much with the interior. They’ve even kept some of the long tables I used to sit at when I was in high school. The only thing that has changed is that the accent walls are gray and the bar color is red. The menu, of course, is slightly different. Complete with your basic espresso drinks, iced coffee, brewed coffee, teas, hot milk, and even smoothies. There is also a moderate selection of breads, pastries, and yogurts.


Having never been here before I asked the barista if she had a favorite drink. She recommended the iced mocha. I like those, so I ordered one, located a corner of a red pleather couch with a funky custom coffee table in front of it, and sat down to absorb the atmosphere of the place. There is clearly a group of locals who frequent Red Kite. They have their usual table close to the bar and the back of the house. Hypnotic indie music plays in the background and the works of local artists hang on the walls. Also, this place is pretty busy considering it’s 11:28am on a Sunday morning. There is still plenty of seating available, but a steady stream of people come through the door. The vibe is a strange mix of cold decor and congenial conversation among the patrons.

Initial thoughts:

  • My coffee is pretty tasty, but if you like Starbucks iced mochas, this iced mocha may not be for you. It has more of a powdered chocolate taste than a mocha syrup taste. *Disclaimer — I have no idea how iced mochas are made.*


  • While there is ample seating space, there is also ample wasted space. This shop could use a design overhaul.
  • The baristas are young, hip, and basically friendly.
  • The menu seems pretty basic and moderately well-executed.
  • If you’ve brought a laptop to plug in, good luck finding an outlet.
  • Those wanting a mostly quiet place to read, write, and enjoy a cup of coffee will probably be pretty happy here.


  • I will likely come back here again, especially on a Sunday, to enjoy the quiet and the comfortable seating. But, I will definitely need to make sure I’ve charged my laptop before I come.


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