Pianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson — A Review

pianist in a bordelloPianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson

RaeleighReads rating: 4 out of 5 coffee cups

“At a Presbyterian church, which I attended with my grandmother, the minister said faith got you a first-class airfare to eternal life. Being age twelve, I already knew I was immortal.”

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Humorous, entertaining, intelligent. I really enjoyed this little political satire.

Following the story of Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood, Pianist in a Bordello takes you on a journey from the less-than-conventional youth of Dick Youngblood all the way through to his campaign for Congressman in California.

I was immediately blown away by the cleverness of Mr. Erickson. The first several chapters had me grinning and giggling quite a bit. As the story moved on, things took on a more serious tone, but underlying it all was a wit and intelligence that I found most impressive.

Impeccable writing, clever dialogue, and an amusing take on a weighty subject. I never knew I liked political satire before reading this book, but it has convinced me of two things. One, I do indeed enjoy political satire, and two, I enjoy the writing of Mr. Erickson.

Recommended for all who enjoy intelligent, humorous writing; coming-of-age stories; politics; witty repartee; and truth.

Some opinions you may be interested in:

This book was a really fun read! I really enjoyed the writing style. Even though this is a political novel with a Democrat protagonist it is still highly entertaining regardless of your political affiliation.”– Brooke on Goodreads

I really enjoyed the debut novel of Mike C. Erickson, particularly the poignant quotes that punctuated each chapter. While I identified with desire of the unfortunately monikered Dickie, I have to say I remain a skeptic on the central theme of his faith in the general public’s appreciation of the truth.“– Ebienic on Amazon

Some other opinions you may find useful:

Holy cow. Great book. I don’t ever bandy around the words “tour de force,” but Pianist in a Bordello knocked my socks off.“– E.M. Kaplan on Goodreads

“There is a quote from a famous person at the beginning of each chapter and I particularly enjoyed those. I learned some things about the political arena that I never gave too much thought to before, and the author wrote about it in a way that the knowledge snuck up on me without me realizing it. Do not be fooled about the political overtone though, because there is an ample amount of romance and humor to take you from the beginning to the end of the book.”– Lenette on Amazon



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