The Pianoplayers by Anthony Burgess — A Review

pianoplayersThe Pianoplayers by Anthony Burgess

RaeleighReads rating: 2 out of 5 coffee cups

Meh. Not my cuppa tea. I’m not prude by any means so it wasn’t the subject matter that had me turning my nose up. I’m also a huge music fan and a pianist, so I actually liked that part of the novel. I just didn’t particularly care for the way this was written, i.e., a woman telling her story to a writer who is apparently writing it down word for word. It felt sloppy and rambling.

I never developed an emotional connection to any character in this. It’s one of the reasons it took me so long to read (it’s not a very long book). Without that connection, I had no reason to want or NEED to pick the book back up again. I mean, the main character seems so detached from her own life, how can I be expected to become invested in it? She was a freaking prostitute forcryingoutloud! and there was no emotion coming off of her whatsoever. Perhaps that’s the ultimate commentary on her life? I don’t think that was the point though. It seemed like Burgess went out of his way to say that prostitution was a legitimate profession and something not to be ashamed of, and that this was a woman taking charge of how her body was used and by whom. However, either that point wasn’t made strongly enough or the language he used to describe it was simply too lackluster.

Disappointed. This was my first Burgess book. I’m not feeling particularly inspired to pick up another one.

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