Let’s Talk About Editing

Sorry guys. No review today. I’ve had two DNFs* in a row. Yikes, and no. I won’t tell you what books they were. That seems mean-spirited. What I will do is talk to you about why these books ended up on my DNF shelf. It comes down to one word — editing.

I know, I know. That dreaded, evil, McNasty thing all writers loathe. Yet it has to be done, and it has to be done ruthlessly (by you). THEN, it has to be done by a professional.

edit ruthlessly

“But my mom/cousin/sister/father’s brother’s nephew twice removed is a professional editor,” you yell at me from behind the safety of your computer screen. Great. Unfortunately, they can’t be impartial with your writing. They just can’t. And you will probably brow-beat them into letting you keep absolutely everything you want to keep in your novel. That’s not for the best.


I will conclude by saying I LOVE indie writers. I will continue to review indie works because I think they’re worth it. I never would have come across two of my favorite writers of all time if I hadn’t started reviewing indie works. So please, if you’ve given me a novel and I haven’t reviewed it, take heart. You’re a writer dammit! You’ve got this! Just, ya know, maybe fork out the dough for a legitimate editor on your next work. OR, have that editor re-work the book(s) you already have out there. Chances are the premise wasn’t the problem. It was the execution.

Much love, guys. Keep up the good (read: grueling) work!


*Edit: DNF means did not finish. It is a slang term used by book reviewers/bloggers.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Editing

  1. Editing is something i need to focus on!
    I find looking at my words on paper (as in the above images) helps in that respect. The extra bits seem to pop out easier for some reason. Plus, seeing all the scratching outs and notes made makes me feel like progress is being made!


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