Dear Writers, Please Don’t Make Me Feel Like This

Warning:  if you do not like gifs or memes, STOP reading now.

No review this week. I’m sorry. I thought I was going to have one. I started a book that seemed to have a good premise. It was supposed to be mystery/suspense. It was supposed to be entertaining. It was supposed to be a good, quick read.

It wasn’t.

Dear writers,

Please don’t make your readers confused. Our faces should never look like this:

dean more confused

Or this:

sam confused 2

Or this:

crowley confused

Confusion should definitely not be your goal — not even in mystery/suspense. If anything the writing should be crystal clear and succinct. The only thing my mind should be toiling over is whodunnit!

Not only was the writing convoluted in my most recent DNF, it was chock-full of multi-named characters…ugh! Nothing gets more confusing than referring to ONE character by THREE different names in the span of a page. Please pick one or make it damn clear who you’re talking about.

Last complaint: pick a style. This was a period piece, set at the turn of the century, but the writer couldn’t decide if he wanted to write in antiquated turns of phrase or use modern vernacular. Either would have worked; using both, did not. I made it to around page 60 and then bailed. If I hadn’t been in a crowded coffee shop I probably would have thrown the book across the room. That’s how frustrated I was.

You do not want confusion to turn to frustration because then you get faces like this:

Dear writers,

I love you. Please stop doing this to me.


Thoroughly confused & frustrated reader.


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