Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines — A Review

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The saga, and misogyny, continue. Le sigh.

In Ex-Patriots, we pick up our hero vs. zombie story two years from when we ended Ex-Heroes. The heroes are holding down The Mount in L.A., but they soon discover they are not the only survivors in The States when they encounter a drone while on a supply run. And you know what drones mean…military.

I’m disappointed in how disappointing this series is turning out to be. The action scenes are a little boring and some of the characters are starting to seem one-dimensional. And someone please tell me this: why would you spend an entire chapter providing back-story for a misogynistic @ss-hat when the character is barely mentioned in the rest of the book? How on Earth does it advance the plot to spout off derogatory and violent comments toward female soldiers? Oh, it doesn’t? Right. Then let’s cut that. Kthanks.

So, why the three coffee cups, right? Well, the hinky parts are minimal. They irritated me to no end, but they were a very small part of the whole. The majority of the book was well-written. And, um, zombies. You’ve found my Achilles heel. Not sure I was ever really that subtle about it.

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In the first book, the characters were introduced one by one with chapters that followed their stories before the zombie apocalypse and after the zombie apocalypse. This book followed the same before and after format as the first book, but it also focused more on the heroes as a group — as a functioning unit. And that was nice to see. Who doesn’t love a good ensemble cast AMIRIGHT? Zzzap, Stealth, St. George, and Cerberus really come together in this to solve problems and salvage a really bad situation.

I’ll say again, if you like zombies and superheroes, you’ll probably like this. It’s nothing ground-breaking. Some of the characters have some pretty messed up views of women. But if you’re looking for a decently written sci-fi series, this one will work.

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