Robin Lockslay Episode One: The Honey Trap by Lana Pecherczyk — A Review

26001665Robin Lockslay Episode One by Lana Pecherczyk

RaeleighReads rating: cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3

You. Guys! This is so fun!

Robin Lockslay is a bit of a Robin Hood retelling, but a very modern take on the story. Robin is equal parts do-gooder and jewel thief (per usual), but Pecherczyk infuses such depth to the character — even in this very short first episode of the serial.

It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s just darling. I enjoyed this episode so much I immediately went looking for the rest of the serial and discovered that the author had compiled them all into a novel…so I bought it! That’s pretty high praise for a book reviewer right there.

I will do a full review after I’ve finished the novel, but I just had to get a word out now about this lovely fairy tale retelling. Go get it!!!!

I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.


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