Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon — A Review

16154916Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon

RaeleighReads rating: cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3

I have a feeling this series gets better and better. This first novel introduces us to Adrien English, an owner of a bookshop in Los Angeles. When one of his employees turns up dead, he is the police’s primary suspect, but he knows he is innocent, and he knows that the true killer might be after him.

Fatal Shadows is a simply told mystery, and the suspense is decent if not gripping. Throughout, Adrien’s love life is a subplot. He’s been single a while, then he meets someone he’s mildly interested in. His personal relationship with his dead employee also comes into question. There are a couple of love scenes, but nothing that makes this a romance novel.

The writing is decent, and the pacing is good. This is definitely a book that can be read quickly and easily. I’m pleased I chose it as one of my Read Harder 2018 books, and I will be seeking out the rest of the Adrien English Mysteries when I have time.

This checks off #21, a mystery by a person of color or by an LGBTQ+ author.

Read Harder stats: 2/24


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