A “quick-start” writer’s guide: 3 things you should do TODAY

Hey writer buddies! I find this helpful, and just wanted to share!

What Inspires Your Writing?

Learn more about TimHave you been procrastinating lately when it comes to writing? Need a little nudge to get you going in the right direction?

Here’s a quick-start guide to buckling down:

1. Set a goal. This could be a goal for the day, week, month, or year. How ambitious are you? Be realistic, but stretch your comfort zone. One effective?yet simple?way to set goals is to think about exactly what you want, and when you want it. Work backwards from there, and you may find that your goals will almost set themselves.

2. Recognize the incredible power you have. We writers often take our skill for granted. “Big deal,” you may think. “Can’t everyone write?” NO. No, they can’t. As someone who has the incredible power of language at their disposal, you have the unique ability to create an entire world with the stroke of a pen, and captivate readers with the…

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