The Architect’s Apprentice by Colin Garrow — A Review

25997243The Architect’s Apprentice by Colin Garrow

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“A big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.” Thus is time, according to The Doctor. And, perhaps, according to Colin Garrow. 🙂

The Architect’s Apprentice is a wonderfully twisty little novel about time travel and family. But deeper than that, it’s about the consequences of one’s actions, and with time travel, actions can have serious consequences. Take a peek at the synopsis:

Forced to work for the dubious Savidge, eleven-year-old Tom Fennel is desperate to find his father. Distrustful of what he’s heard, he’s sure Savidge is involved. Meanwhile, books are vanishing from architect Martin Deacon’s library – books from the future. Enticed into the mysterious world of updrafts and secrets, Tom learns that finding his father is the least of his worries.

I loved the mystery in this novel and the twists that just kept on coming. Novels about time travel can be tricky, but this one is very well thought out and executed. I’m so pleased that it is part of a series because when I finished it, I literally yelled, “Noooo!” It was over far too soon for my liking.

Now, while the logistics of this novel were managed well, what I felt was lacking was a bit more description — of the world and of the time travel itself.

The setting, for the most part, is in London in 1630. Such a cool time period for this novel. I wish there had been even more description of the setting. I’m a sucker for those kinds of details.  Plus, not many people write adventure/time-travel novels set in this time period. It’s usually turn-of-the-century or present-day. It was really nice to see something a little different here, but I wish there had been even more.

I also wanted so badly to know how time traveling, or perhaps more accurately time slipping, worked. Spoilers! So, I won’t go on, but maybe those of you who have read it will understand my meaning. And for those of you who haven’t, aren’t you intrigued now!?

Image result for spoilers doctor who

If you like action/adventure novels that are a little more plodding in the beginning but really amp up toward the end, if you like time travel, if you’re interested in the 17th century, read this! Now, where is book two…

Happy reading loves!



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