An avid reader and self-proclaimed opinionated know-it-all, it only made sense to start a book review blog. Obviously.

When I’m not ripping authors to shreds and gnashing my teeth against the remnants of their life’s works 😉 , you will find me playing with my bestest friends and furbabies, Sherlock & Adler and drinking the nectar of the gods a.k.a. COFFEE.

I hug trees — literally & figuratively.

want soft pretzels

Let’s be friends! Find me on the following platforms:





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    • Hi, jamoroki!
      I was on Man of Many Thoughts’ blog, and saw one of your comments. I thought I would check out your blog, and the first post I saw was a poem that I really liked…and pictures! I’m horrible at taking pictures, but I love to look at them.


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