Discount Prices (Heroes for Hire #1) by C.S. Feldman — A Review

29106592Discount Prices (Heroes for Hire #1) by C.S. Feldman

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Really very enjoyable.

Need a hero? Are you a bargain hunter? Well you’ve come to the right place. In Cantrial you can hire heroes to complete your quests. Unfortunately for Peg Brickner, she finds herself in Cantrial quite unexpectedly and is unprepared for the creatures and monsters she encounters.

Coerced into completing a mission for a low-rate hero scout, Peg must travel with strange companions so that she may return to her own home on planet Earth. Along the way she finds bumps, and cuts, and bruises plus terrifying bitey creatures. But she also finds friendship, loyalty, and a new sense of self. There were definitely some warm and fuzzy moments amid the action scenes.

This was a delightful heroic adventure story – perfect for a summer read. Perfect for anyone who likes quirky stories, or stories where women find their own strength. Also, have you guys seen that preview for Teen Titans Go!? This reminds me a bit of that. Our band of “heroes” isn’t very strong or burly or talented, but they do have a lot of heart!

The writing was very good, the pacing was excellent. Sometimes Peg really bothered me with her whining, but she won me over in the end. I can not wait for Heroes for Hire #2. I don’t see it listed on Feldman’s author page on Goodreads, but I do hope it’s in the works! So, why not five coffee cups? Because I really do reserve the five cupper for books I find transcendent. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy reading everyone!



#TopTenTuesday – 10 Best Character Names

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Ten Best Character Names

What I’m gathering from completing this post is that YA fiction has a lot of really cool/weird names! Hope you enjoy my graphic approach this week!

best character names_ya

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Reviews to Come

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Upcoming Reviews

5/22:  Discount Prices (Heroes for Hire #1) by C.S. Feldman
5/24:  SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamacki
5/31:  Grass Kings Vol. 1 by Matt Kindt


Blargh! I’ve Done It Again!

Welp! I fell off the planet again. The blog planet, that is.

I was supposed to have a review up of Death Unmasked last week, but it turns out the book and I did not get along. So, no rating. No review. Now I’m reading Discount Prices (Heroes for Hire #1) by C. S. Feldman.


This is much more my speed. I know, I know! I said I was going to read two other books next, but I went to San Diego for a few days, and what can I say? It threw me off my sched.

I will try to do better, but no promises. This time of the year be crazy!

April Update

I’m a bit behind on my review schedule so I thought I would just take a little pause here to provide an overview of what I’m reading right now and what is coming up.

death unmaskedCurrently reading:

Death Unmasked by Rick Sulik. I should have this one finished this week, and my review will be up next Thursday. So far…it’s a bit odd. There is the police detective who believes he has been reincarnated, and also the woman he loved and lost so long ago, possibly also reincarnated, mixed together with a rash of violent acts against women. :/ Not really sure what I think of it yet.

Coming up next:

SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki.

SuperMutant Magic Academy, which has been serialized online for the past four years, paints a teenaged world filled with ennui and uncertainty, but also with a sharp dose of humor and irreverence. Tamaki deftly plays superhero and high-school Hollywood tropes against what adolescence is really like: The SuperMutant Magic Academy is a prep school for mutants and witches, but their paranormal abilities take a backseat to everyday teen concerns.

Science experiments go awry, bake sales are upstaged, and the new kid at school is a cat who will determine the course of human destiny. In one strip, lizard-headed Trixie frets about her nonexistent modeling career; in another, the immortal Everlasting Boy tries to escape this mortal coil to no avail. Throughout it all, closeted Marsha obsesses about her unrequited crush, the cat-eared Wendy. Whether the magic is mundane or miraculous, Tamaki’s jokes are precise and devastating.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan.

Sagan reveals a jewel-like blue world inhabited by a life form that is just beginning to discover its own identity and to venture into the vast ocean of space. Featuring a new Introduction by Sagan’s collaborator, Ann Druyan, full color illustrations, and a new Foreword by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos retraces the fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution that have transformed matter into consciousness, exploring such topics as the origin of life, the human brain, Egyptian hieroglyphics, spacecraft missions, the death of the Sun, the evolution of galaxies, and the forces and individuals who helped to shape modern science.

Until Sunday (when I’ll be back with another Sunday Quotable)!