Review Policy

No longer accepting review requests.


For health reasons, I need to temporarily suspend RaeleighReads. I’ve already removed my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts so if you were looking for me there, my apologies.

To those authors whose books I haven’t reviewed yet…I will. I still have 27 in my queue, and I do plan to read and review each one that I get along with. Reviews will be posted here, to Goodreads, and to Amazon. I appreciate all of the creativity that has come my way the past three years, and of course, my lovelies, keep reading!

❤ ❤ ❤

My rating scale is based on coffee cups. I drink a lot of caffeine…

cup-of-coffee3= “Not worth anyone’s time.” I rarely, if ever, give out this rating. If I don’t finish it I don’t review it.


= “I didn’t like it.” It may have had one or two redeeming qualities that allowed me to finish reading it.


= “I liked it.” A good read. Nothing really great, nothing really bad. Just a solid read.


=  “I really liked it.” Well-developed characters, interesting plot, and believable dialogue.


= “I loved it.” I rarely give this out. Requires transcendence.


5 thoughts on “Review Policy

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  2. I laughed so hard at love triangles and dragons. I can’t wait until you are accepting books again so I can send you mine. So good to see someone else hates love triangles as much as I do! The world does need more dragons. Unfortunately I can only offer pirates at this time. Looking forward to your submissions opening again. 😄


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