Operation Salazar by Dan Lawton — A Review

28246585Operation Salazar by Dan Lawton

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From Goodreads:  “A home invasion uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to overthrow a nationwide criminal enterprise.”

The above is a really great summary of this book. Home invasion –> Bigger criminal network than we originally thought –> Our characters are in too deep to get out. So, all you folks who like to binge on every variation of Law & Order ever…you may dig this. Or, maybe if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad or Narcos. This story is told from the perspective of the “bad guys” after all.

Operation Salazar is pretty typical mystery/suspense fare. I’m not sure if I was given an uncorrected proof or not, but the thing was riddled with enough errors to set my teeth on edge, and I almost gave up more than once. I didn’t though. I powered through. Why? I don’t really know. I didn’t particularly care for it. The plot was stale and overdone and it failed to ever really pull me in. But, it may be a pretty decent read for someone who likes mystery and suspense. Maybe? Or, if you need to tick another book read off your to-read list, this one will do. It’s pretty short and easy to read.

I wish I had some positive things to say about this…The ending was pretty decent. It was realistic. I appreciated that.

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I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.



Where Death is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey — A Review

where death is a hunterWhere Death is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey

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YES! A case where a subject specialist is also capable of noveling.

Where Death is  a Hunter follows the story of Hannah Fâtier, a young, ethnically ambiguous anesthesiologist. She’s in San Fran, and is in her first real job at a good hospital. She’s all set one morning to anesthetize a patient for an elective procedure — plastic surgery. Things are normal…until they aren’t. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll just say the rest of the book is a compelling whodunnit.

Now, there is nothing particularly ground breaking about this novel. It doesn’t give a twist on a generic plot or introduce anything we haven’t seen before. BUT, I just couldn’t put the darn thing down. Stookey’s writing flows effortlessly throughout. It is simple and descriptive with, what I think, is typical and appropriate dialogue.

The back cover blurb calls it “un-put-down-able”, and I wholeheartedly agree. I read this in two sittings. It would have have been one sitting, but I had to, you know, sleep. Argh.

Hannah is seriously put through the wringer in this. Does she come out on top? *shrugs mysteriously* Guess you’ll have to read it to find out! (And you totally should.)

dean shrugs and grins

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

The Fold by Peter Clines — A Review

the fold The Fold by Peter Clines

RaeleighReads rating: cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3cup-of-coffee3

I’m tempted to make a review composed completely of gifs so you can see the progression of my facial expressions while reading this. But I won’t.

This book is amazing! The aha! moments just kept coming and coming and coming — he did an exceptional job with pacing, and I care about good pacing A LOT.

I cared about all of the characters, even the snotty ones, and especially the MC, Mike. He has eidetic memory, and if you know anything about that it comes with a whole slew of interpersonal relationship issues, but Mike was a really likeable guy. Astute, compassionate, thorough, logical…CALM. He felt so calm, and I found that incredible considering some of the twists that happen.

Now, I can’t assess whether or not Clines’ science was correct (so not my field), but it seemed logical enough to me. And the story! Gah! It really does just sweep you up. I had a couple nights worth of book hangovers (and chills) reading this. I didn’t want to put it down at all!

Also, can we talk about how awesome the cover art is on this one? I know I don’t do that often, but I’m really digging this cover! It makes even more sense after you read the book, so if you like sci-fi or suspense novels, READ THIS NOW.

Okay, one gif. Sorry not sorry ☺


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Dear Writers, Please Don’t Make Me Feel Like This

Warning:  if you do not like gifs or memes, STOP reading now.

No review this week. I’m sorry. I thought I was going to have one. I started a book that seemed to have a good premise. It was supposed to be mystery/suspense. It was supposed to be entertaining. It was supposed to be a good, quick read.

It wasn’t.

Dear writers,

Please don’t make your readers confused. Our faces should never look like this:

dean more confused

Or this:

sam confused 2

Or this:

crowley confused

Confusion should definitely not be your goal — not even in mystery/suspense. If anything the writing should be crystal clear and succinct. The only thing my mind should be toiling over is whodunnit!

Not only was the writing convoluted in my most recent DNF, it was chock-full of multi-named characters…ugh! Nothing gets more confusing than referring to ONE character by THREE different names in the span of a page. Please pick one or make it damn clear who you’re talking about.

Last complaint: pick a style. This was a period piece, set at the turn of the century, but the writer couldn’t decide if he wanted to write in antiquated turns of phrase or use modern vernacular. Either would have worked; using both, did not. I made it to around page 60 and then bailed. If I hadn’t been in a crowded coffee shop I probably would have thrown the book across the room. That’s how frustrated I was.

You do not want confusion to turn to frustration because then you get faces like this:

Dear writers,

I love you. Please stop doing this to me.


Thoroughly confused & frustrated reader.

Matchbook by Desiree Prosapio — A Review

matchbook coverMatchbook by Desiree Prosapio

RaeleighReads rating: 4 out of 5 coffee cups

“Yet, if the truth was supposed to set you free, this one was definitely lingering over the paperwork.”

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

OMG the feels! Get out your fuzzy blankets, tissues, beverage of choice, and prepare to hunker down for awhile with this one. *crying emoji*

Prosapio has taken a story that is relatable and tragic all on its own — a mother losing her daughter, but she adds another dimension to the tragedy by introducing us to this mother, Carol, as a homeless woman living on the streets. Prosapio does an excellent job of making me invested in this main character from the get-go. I want to know her back story, and I want to know where she’s headed.

What unfolds is a story about alcoholism, death, homelessness, mystery, mental illness, humanity, empathy, family, and hope. The whole time I was wondering what was real and what wasn’t. Was Carol just an alcohol-soaked schizophrenic or was there really a larger foe being set against her as she struggled to make sense of what happened to her daughter? Bravo, Prosapio. Your character development was on point for Carol. I would have liked to see the same attention to detail with another major character, Maurice. He was so integral to Carol’s story, but perhaps I understand why he was left slightly underdeveloped. He was still an amazing character — so full of life and pep in the worst of circumstances.

I won’t say anymore. This book really surprised me. It made me emotional constantly, and I am eager to read more by Desiree Prosapio. Go out and get a copy!

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