The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey — A Review

The Library of Lost ThingsThe Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed The Library of Lost Things. In fact, it’s my first five-star rating in a long while. It had everything that makes great books great. It was funny and pithy, and it was honest.

The Library of Lost Things follows Darcy, an almost-eighteen-year-old literary savant, as she struggles to balance her secret life at home and her public life as a high school student, book store clerk, and girl with her first real crush. Her hoarder mother obviously makes things like fitting in difficult for Darcy, but as the story progresses, Darcy recognizes a couple of painful truths about herself and how hoarding has affected more than just her social life.

Laura Taylor Namey does an excellent job of presenting a remarkable, yet flawed main character. With each chapter, more of Darcy’s personality and character are revealed. Until, by the very end, we’re presented with a wonderfully complex young adult character.

I really enjoyed the interplay between Darcy and her best friend Marisol. I think everyone needs a Marisol in their lives. She was the epitome of what it means to be a best friend. I wish more young women were able to find Marisols for themselves. I also really enjoyed the developing relationship between Darcy and Asher, her crush. It showcased Darcy’s empathetic and understanding nature, qualities we could all use a little more of.

Overall, this was just an excellent young adult (nearly new adult) read. I would call it romance-light. To me, the focus really was on Darcy’s personal growth and development. A coming-of-age story, a story about true friendship, a story about family. Highly recommend.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy.

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#TopTenTuesday – 10 Characters I liked That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books

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Ten Characters I liked That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books

I don’t think I can come up with ten of these…Typically if I don’t like a book, I’m not going to remember the characters very well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, I did my best to wrack my brains here for books I didn’t like, but remembered something I liked — attitude, dialogue, physical appearance — about a character.

Here we go!

1. Baz in Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On


2. Earl in Jesse Andrews’ Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Image result for earl me and earl and the dying girl illustration

3. Aurelia in James Collins’ Sol Limitis

Related image

4. Stealth in Peter Clines’ Ex-Patriots

Image result for ex-heroes stealth

5. Sarah in James Dashner’s The Eye of Minds

Related image

This was a really hard one for me! Related image

Sorry I couldn’t come up with ten:





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